RobotPumpkin Games GmbH
Based in Cologne, Germany

Founding date:
November, 2019


Press / Business contact:


The Innsmouth Case

Siebachstr. 29
50733 Köln

+49 1575 1541731


ROBOTS! PUMPKINS! And GAMES! We’re RobotPumpkin Games, a young indie studio from Cologne. We are a mix of people with years of experience in the gaming industry or motivated career changers from different industries. Our first game, the Lovecraft-inspired text adventure The Innsmouth Case, launched in June 2020. Our current project, Plan B from Outer Space, is supported by funding from the Film-und Medienstiftung NRW. Our goal as a studio is to buck the trend of idle games, pay-to-win and puzzle games and instead to create interesting, exciting and unique games. We make the kind of games we want to play ourselves.


Early history

The idea for "The Innsmouth Case" was born in 2016, due to the possibility of creating a prototype. An interactive story, filled with fun and weird animated characters became our passion project.

After that

In 2019 we not only found a programmer, but also a publisher (Assemble Entertainment) who was happy to help with the marketing of our game release in 2020. RobotPumpkin Games was born. We secured financial support offered by the Filmstiftung NRW and officially started work on our sophomore project: Plan B From Outer Space.



The Innsmouth Case - Release Trailer YouTube

RobotPumpkin Games - Company Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Deutscher Entwicklerpreis: "The Innsmouth Case" was nominated for "Best Mobile Game"" - Germany, November 2020

Selected Articles

  • "“Right off the bat, I was struck by just how many references and easter eggs there are to the many stories set in Lovecraft’s world. The developers over at RobotPumpkin Games clearly have a passion for the property.”"
    - 8.5/10 Zack Parkerson , The Gaming Outsider
  • "“It’s best experienced blind, so I won’t mention any specifics but rest assured you’ll find enough fishy villagers, divine sacrifices, sex cults, time-traveling Russians, creepy hotels, slimy tentacles, and deceitful mothers to keep you content, satisfied, and highly entertained.”"
    - 7.7/10 Niranjan Raju, Gameffine
  • "“So, I liked The Innsmouth Case within 5 minutes of playing. The reason being is that the high quality of writing, both humorously and seriously, is present from the get go.”"
    - Jess Clayton-Berry, Gameluster.com
  • "„The Innsmouth Case bietet euch eine spaßige, voll interaktive Geschichte, die dank reichlich Story-Pfaden und multiplen Enden auch mit massig Wiederspielwert auftrumpft.”"
    - 8/10 Sabine Kira Berger, Unaltered Magazine

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Caroline Podeswa

René Gamper

Timo Thees
Game Designer

Desirée Schütze
Game Artist

Annegret Maerten
Editor + Translator, Freelancer

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