Hello there!

Don’t be scared! The blog got a tiny visual update. It was caused by the fact that the previous theme required an update that… destroyed everything.

Also, the work on the game had to be paused for a month: a bit of travelling, a nasty flu and moving to another flat (with walls that still need painting) and a few more days in which I just took a breather and spent my free time doing absolutely nothing.

Now the good news is that Timo and I are writing the last two of the ultimately 35 chapters! I completely ignored that originally we had only on writing 20 chapters.


All in all we’ve written over 150,000 words and in the end we produced the darkest and strangest narrative threads in this last push.

In the meantime, I had to hold myself back from putting more chapters into Unity, because now, if everything goes well, we’ll start editing and translating into English at the same time. There will be some minor changes and I’m glad that I don’t have to trawl through every flowchart tree for one small dialog branch.

The story is almost finished – a new era begins! It’s hard to believe that the thought “There’s still so much to write” will no longer haunt me like a stubborn poltergeist from now on.

If this wasn’t enough reason to be in a good mood, I found (on my birthday!) an email in my mailbox. Our project was selected as indie exhibitors at the German Dev Days in Frankfurt. In January, Thomas Rössig from Flying Sheep Games, who is always informed about everything, recommended that I introduce myself there. Be praised, Thomas! Even more story testers and the opportunity to introduce the game directly – I’m really looking forward to all of that. On the plus side it meant that all of a sudden we had a deadline to provide information and print data. A bit of motivation I had been in dire need of.

We’ll even get a big roll up banner printed, that means, we had to decide on a final game title, because Escape… is the title of an extension of the Cthulhu pen-and-paper.

In the end I decided on The Innsmouth Case, which best summarizes the adventure and also fits the book cover. And, in loving memory of our old webcomic, our codename as game makers is Robot Pumpkin.

Until next time!