our translation into English has started: the proofreading and simultaneous translation of our adventurous concepts of grammar. We were able to win the miraculous Annegret as a translator & proofreader, who has supported us with translations in the past.

Annegret has not only mastered the English and German language, she is also working on becoming Dr. Monster at King’s College London. Yes, you heard that right.

Together Annegret & I will work through the story, from beginning to end and I will add all 37 (yes, there are at least 2 more…) chapters into the game. Annegret might talk about our well-planned process in one of the upcoming posts. In the meantime, you can follow this Twitter thread she has started. It’s a bit niche what with it talking about German grammar in translation but being niche hasn’t stopped us before.

All the while, I’m getting a bit teary-eyed, overwhelmed by the sudden realization that we’ve finished everything, and also because I can already see the many evenings that we’ll have to sacrifice to complete the upcoming work.

I thought I’d spoil you with some nice visuals again! Our amazing Desi has conjured up a postcard motif which I’ve added as a loading screen into the game just before the German Dev Days.

The only issue: even on my old steam powered Google Nexus Tablet from 2012 (yes, they were steam powered) it only takes a maximum of 1.5 seconds to load a chapter. Unfortunately that’s is not enough to appreciate the splendour of Innsmouth in summer plus the posing Ms. Innsmouth Crabs

Never thought I’d complain about that: Loading times too short!
I guess it could be worse…