I write this message with the last ounce of my strength. That’s because the German Dev Days were an exhausting, but also fabutastic event for us! The German Dev Days are a two-day event held annually in Frankfurt. The main organizer is Stefan Marcinek from Assemble Entertainment.

Early Tuesday morning we not only had a banner (we now have a BANNER!), but also a prepared stall waiting for us, a bunch of tech goodies we hadn’t expected, and ahead of us two days of never-ending talks about indie games, engines, Lovecraft and, of course, our game which was tested eagerly.

As always, it was worth it! In addition to a couple of grammar slips, which had weaseled their way into the text recently, one of our testers discovered a logical error. One of those in which the protagonist knows something he couldn’t possibly know. Argh!

To all indies who are thinking about participating in such an event – do it! The feedback from wild strangers is the best ever. You are confronted with what is perhaps not quite fleshed out in terms of content and technology, but you also get confirmation for what is already working in your game.

Many thanks again to everyone who visited our stall and of course to the organizers (especially Stefan) who keep this ingenious event going. We are still astounded by the care of the organizers and the big crowds.

And, most importantly, I now have a physical reminder in my living room nudging me to finish all the chapters…