Happy New Year!

I postponed the January update for a long time, but I swear, I haven’t been lazy.

Our work on the story is drawing to a close. We now have 32 chapters and are in the process of tying some loose ends. The biggest part, the twisty “main mission”, is finally finished and now we’re having some fun with side stories.

Apart from that, I discovered Twine’s “Story Statistics” feature and the current state of the project is 145000 words. 145000! Wow! That’s a bigger book size than the 2nd part of Lord of the Rings, “The Two Towers”, only with fewer orcs and epic battles, but more fish cultists and inappropriate flirting. Still, I’m starting to realize why all of this took so long to create.

In the coming weeks I will build in the remaining 32 chapters (urg), while Timo will 1) continue with the side stories and 2) will take a closer look at my stories and expand them.
Then I have to test & improve what I can do. Since my Christmas vacation I have had to do all this work in addition to a regular 40 hour week, so I won’t be able to go that fast, because Innsmouth is still a project I’m working on in my free time.

The main cause of countless nervous breakdowns will soon be text corrections and the insertion of an English version. Further up on the priority site: a final game title! Escape from Innsmouth is a small expansion of the Cthulhu tabletop and I’d rather play it safe than get into potential trouble.

In the last weeks I have posted backgrounds and characters on Instagram from time to time, but these will become less, because I really don’t want to reveal too many encounters.

Posted artworks are among others

Have a great week!